Learn to recycle better.

Platform with products,
instructions and places for recycling.

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Allow the camera access for barcode scanning.
  • battery
  • pizza box
  • coffee cup
  • cardboard
  • can
  • medicine
  • book
  • straw

percent of household
waste is not recycled.

Let’s decrease this number together. Learn how to recycle specific packages of products you buy. Find sustainable alternatives and share the knowledge with other people.


We’re looking for green minded people who would like to contribute on this Recycle Academy project with a focus on a product recycle solutions with global impact.

How to Contribute?


We need your help. Thanks to your support we’ll be able to continue and grow our education process. We’re opened for individuals, grants or companies support.


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Recycle Academy in your pocket as a library of recycling materials and its types. Easy to find the right trash for the waste you want to recycle.

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